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Melting Point, the Erotic Turn Based Tactics RPG Dating Simulator.
Help the Metal Girls avoid extinction in their heroic battle against the malicious Furna!

As a humble blacksmith from earth, can you make the difference?

-Game Features-

-Demo Features-

Melting Point’s Prologue.

Introduction to Tin, the game’s first main heroine.

Tin’s animated dialogue portrait with full story voice acting.

Tin’s first 4 dates, followed by 1 H-Scene

Tin’s reforging mini-game.

2D Realtime Tactics Combat System.

-Full Game Features Currently Planned-

  • 8+ Hours of Gameplay
  • An epic tale told over 3 main story acts, following the story of a blacksmith supporting a group of metallic girls.
  • 9 Dateable Women inspired by the Metals of the Periodic Table
  • 2D Realtime Tactics Combat System.
  • Completely Animated Dialogue Portraits
  • Animated Romance Illustrations.
  • Voice acting for all important story scenes, mini-games, combat, and romance scenes.
  • “Harem” content for multiple love interests at once.


-Brief Introduction-

The only thing standing between the extinction of an entire race is you. With hammer in hand you set out with Tin, a girl composed entirely of the material, to head out into the cosmos. Your duty? To save her people from the wrath of the dreaded Furna. A race of sentient fire and magma who won’t stop until the last of the Metals are but puddles on the ground. Command their battles, repair their broken forms, maybe fall in love once (or twice, who’s counting?) along the way, in this erotic sci-fi rpg.

-Story Synopsis-

Among the stars of the constellation Canes Venatici there is a pair of twin planets, home to two different species. On Ustrina, you have the Furna. Creatures made of the lava that run wild in the rivers that cross their planet. Then you have Aestrum, where it’s fallen stars give life to the gorgeous and courageous Metals. For a time so long neither can remember when it began, both species have been raging in an endless war. After countless centuries of combat, the Furna have finally gained the upper hand, and almost brought the Metals to extinction.
One day, when returning home from a supply trip, a Metal ship was ambushed and shot down by a Furna patrol. Crash-landing on a planet known as Earth.

This is your home. Being a simple blacksmith, enjoying the quiet life with your forge. That night, as you were preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep, a huge crash from just outside your house rouses you from slumber. Upon inspecting you discover the tarnished remains of a spaceship, and a metallic girl unconscious among the wreckage. This is the moment when your simple fate leapt into the stars. To become the hero the Metals need!

The game is still in development and you can support us on Patreon to get access to new builds of the game and you can join the Discord for the fastest source of Melting Point information! Thank you so much for supporting the development of Melting Point!

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I hope you all enjoy AstroKaen’s first game!

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